This website is part library, part reading log, part social networking site!

Kids can log on and create a virtual bookshelf that will keep track of what books they have read. They can also search books and add one they want to read to their bookshelf. Students can also interact with classmates and share book recommendations with each other. The interface is really bright, colorful and easy to use.

Parents can search for books at their child’s reading level as well as for ones on subjects their child is interested in. Parents can also set goals and challenges for their young reader and even assign a small prize for them to receive upon completion of those goals.

Teacher can tailor book lists for individual students and create programs by group, class or grade for students. BilioNasuim also makes reading logs obsolete, parents and teachers no longer need to keep up with log sheets because they can access them at any time on this site. The site makes it easy for parents and teachers to track of each individual child’s reading progress.

I think this site makes keeping track of reading logs and communicating with parents on reading progress really simple- it also gives parents a greater opportunity to be included and aware of their child’s reading level and how to pick appropriate books.

Children will be excited by the social nature of the site as well as being able to search and store books they are interested in, I think this site could be great for getting kids fired up to read!





Senior Exhibiton

Woo~ Being a senior is a lot of work!

Currently I am working with a group of my fellow peers on our senior exhibition, Momentum!


Which opens early in March, very exciting!

Here is a little sneak peek of another project I am working on, it’s a book about all of the strange daydreams I’ve had, while I was supposed to be paying attention in school.

IMAG0583-1My book will be made entirely out of cut paper, with maybe a smidgen of ink! I am excited to use all of my fancy patterned origami paper!

I really enjoy making collages, have any of you worked this way?

Doing the Senior Thing

I am down to my last semester at University, and even though school has only been in session a few weeks, I have been running like crazy!

The prospect of graduating from college and joining the work force is rather terrifying, especially since I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with myself XDDD

But the biggest thing I have on my plate right now is my senior exhibition. It’s scary because my exhibition is what all of my schooling has been leading up to, but I feel like I am already cramped for time. Hopefully I can keep it together until the opening day!!

On another note, I was able to take another life drawing class this semester, and I have really been enjoying it!

Here is some of the work I’ve done so far 🙂

Bones Reclining pose Unfinished

Karen Katz’s Beautiful Baby Books

Back in the day, I used to chill with babies a lot. I worked as a daycare teacher for five years, it was a both traumatizing and gratifying experience XD

One of the things I hated about the daycare was all of the stupid, pointless, plot-less  ugly, cardboard backed, dollar bin books I had to read to my class. Granted there are a ton of beautiful, intricate children’s books out there, that can entertain, not only children but the adults reading them, as well (like Jan Brett or Jon J Muth)….unfortunately most of them are not terror-toddler-army proof and are eaten or ripped to pieces in a matter of minutes.

But I did love one series in particular, Karen Katz’s books like these:counting-kisses-karen-katz-hardcover-cover-artMy First Chinese New Year


The stories are sweet and simple. The text is short enough to keep the attention span of a toddler and the poor teacher who is reading it for the fifty-thousandth time. But it’s the art I love. Karen’s love of fabrics, folk art and Matisse come together as a winning combination in her beautiful illustrations. Her work is full of vibrant colors and patterns, and Katz’s way of depicting the figures is charming, inviting and drop dead adorable.



So, if you have young children…or just happen to be browsing the kid’s section at Barnes & Noble, you should take a look at these adorable little books!

Ah, Hello 2013: Ribbons and Wrappings

Year changes always throw me off, but luckily I’ve been trying to write 2013 on everything for the last couple years, so this new year shouldn’t be as difficult to adapt to.

Hopefully you all had an excellent Christmas and New Years (have all of you given up on your resolutions already (like me, whoops) or are you still truckin?)

My resolution was to stop eating things I was allergic to (hi, all you delicious dairy products) and try have healthier food habits in general. Also, I just ate ice cream for dinner.

Failed resolution aside I am REALLY excited for this year, lots of fun new things are on the way!

One thing I always do to herald in the new year is……buy a bunch or ribbon.


All of that lovely Holiday ribbon that cost an arm and a leg is now probably under a dollar a roll, so I always stock up!

There is nothing better than wrapping gifts and tying it up with a big sparkly ribbon! Beautiful wrappings by my partner's mom

I like to match my wrappings to the person I’m giving the gift to. Like stamping little vampires on plain paper and wrapping with a black bow for a friend who loves Gothic  things, Dracula especially, but also admires simplicity!


Do any of you have any wrapping tips or tales? Post them here! I’d love to hear from you ❤

Christmas Cards~

I absolutely love getting mail, greeting cards, letters, postcards..especially packages!

I also love writing letters and making cards, unfortunately I am horrible at getting it sent out. Right now I am actually staring at a sealed, addressed letter to my friend who is on exchange in Romania right now. I wrote the letter weeks ago, I am so bad!

I did get a chance to make and send out a few Christmas cards this year!

Christmas CardChristmas CardChristmas Card

I really like to make my own cards when, at all, possible. These are a lot simpler than the ones I usually make, but they get the job done :3 (the oddball one with the cat and airplane is for my uncle, who is a orange cat loving pilot!)

Usually my cards look more like this: Corrin's Birthday Michelle's Birthday

They are a lot of fun to make, I try to craft the card into the likeness of the person it is for and I use any paper I can find! Kids construction paper, shiny candy wrappers, magazines, origami paper even bits of my homework >_> ~ (I do sell them and take commissions here, if you are interested! :D)

Do any of you make your own greeting cards? What sort of materials do you use? Is anyone else as bad at mailing them as I am? haha!

Parrots in Arizona?

I keep a bird feeder on my porch (as well as a few pine cones rolled in peanut butter and seeds that my little cousin and I made) and when I looked outside this morning there was a plump little peach-faced lovebird chowing down at the feeder!

I wasn’t able to capture a picture but this is what they look like:

Peach faced love bird!

It was funny seeing a colorful tropic bird alighting on the feeder along with all my typical customers-  mottled brown and grey desert birds.

I had also remembered seeing a small flock of these beauties at Arizona State Uni a few times. So, I did a little bit of research and I found out that in the late 1990’s the owners of an aviary decided to free the birds. This is not the first time this has happened either, flocks of cockatiels and parakeets have been mistakenly released in the past but the birds were never able to adapt and died out. The peach-faced lovebirds, however, have gone mad in our dry dessert heat and there are now hundreds of them in the greater Phoenix metro area. (and luckily they don’t seem to be hurting the native bird populations either)

Read more about the birds here

Those of you residing in AZ have you seen any of these little guys? report seeing one here and aid the Arizona Game and Fish department in tracking the location and numbers of the peach faced lovebirds!

I googled a bunch of photos people have taken of the birds here in the valley… Seeing parrots in Saguaro cacti is so cool!