Story Time,

I thought it would be fun to jump start this blog with a little story so, I am going to take a moment to explain why I chose Kuricuriosities as my title.

When I was 18 I went abroad to Kagoshima, Japan for a year through Rotary International’s youth exchange program. My name, Christine, here in the states is pretty common but in Kagoshima it was quite a mouthful: Kurisutein. So, my family took to calling me Kuri (栗) which refers to a spiky Japanese chestnut and that nick name has stuck to me ever since.

I chose curiosities for the second half of my blog name in honor of the animal I feel the most akin to: the crow. Crows are commonly characterized as mischievous  curious, shiny object loving, intelligent animals. I want this blog to be full of all those wonderful crow characteristics  full of fascinating, sometimes silly, sometimes dark but always smart sparkly baubles that any crow  would be thrilled to steal!



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