A New Step!

When it rains, It pours…but sometimes that can be a good thing! Last week was a difficult one, my Uncle was hospitalized and died rather unexpectedly, which left my family scrambling. Having a big family, and having them all come into your neck of the woods at once is a great distraction during times of sadness, as well as being something of a joy, if not a rather frazzled one, in itself.

Now down to the big exciting happy news: during the time that I was running around, toting various people’s babies, trying to help plan a funeral and still keep up with school, I managed to sell my first painting ever to a stranger via Etsy! For those of you that are artists, you know that your first 100 pieces or so are usually bought (or claimed) by your family and friends, so making a sale to someone unknown to you, completely removed from your circle is quite an accomplishment, and feels pretty damn good 🙂

Of course, one painting isn’t much, but it’s a step and being able to send that package off, especially during such a rough week, was the best feeling in the world!


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