Grown up Hello Kitty.

Prepare yourselves, I am going to spent the next several paragraphs geeking out about my celebrity crush: Hello Kitty. (If you haven’t noticed from the contents of this blog, all of my passions match those of a five year old girl. Fairy tale princesses, coloring, sweets and of course hello kitty. I’m cool with this.)

I was shopping at Target the other day, (with which I have a long standing, secret, love affair. Shh don’t tell anyone!) when I made a fantastic discovery: Hello Kitty Clothes for Grown ups.  Which I must say, are pretty fabulous.

Of course this was a dream come true for me, who normally is resigned to shopping in the kids section for my hello kitty clothes. Hey don’t judge, if the shoe fits…wear it. Even if it was meant for a seven year old. Which by the way, an US women’s size 7.5/8 shoe is about the same size as a US girl’s 5, which is pretty sweet because kids shoes are often cheaper. Anyway, if you want some fabulous Hello Kitty clothing, tailored for a grown up figure, head over to Target! I went ahead and purchased the boxy blue top and the embossed pleated skirt, and I am just as pleased punch!Blouse detail


5 thoughts on “Grown up Hello Kitty.

  1. Since you’re so obsessed about Hello Kitty, it might be a fun idea to create your own clothes with Hello Kitty designs. You can get plain shirts, make your own Hello Kitty stamp, and stamp on them using fabric paint.

    • That would be really really fun, I might have to do that with the five year old I borrow on Wednesdays 😛 Thanks for the tip! One of my big dreams is actually to get my work printed on clothing! I just need to figure out how! (and find someone who builds clothes too ahah)

  2. If you’ve never had any experience with printing on clothes, I suggest going basic to get familiar with it. Start out with paint for fabrics and play with adding images to shirts using stamps (maybe even going more basic by using permanent markers and handrawing them). I noticed that on, Hillary talks about transferring images of her art onto shirts. Perhaps she can give some input on this, too.

    I’ve heard of transfer sheets where you can transfer any printed image onto clothes by ironing them on, but I havent had the chance to try it out yet.

    • That sounds like sound advice! Thank you! I’ve played a little bit with some inks that you paint onto fabric and then iron to bind them so they won’t bleed when washing but I can’t remember what they were called.
      Funny that you mentioned Hillary’s blog, I had commented on her post asking how transferred her images just the other day 😀

  3. How interesting they decided to make a women’s line! That outfit looks great!
    My mom used to buy iron-on transfer sheets for my shirt when I was little, but they weren’t that great if I remember. After a little bit of wearing and washing the images would get kind of crumbly. But that was quite a few years ago, maybe they have better ones now.

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