Some of My Favorite Modern Artists..

After reading a post by everembelished, I was inspired to write a post featuring all of my favorite modern artists!

Kinuko Y. Craft:

I first encountered Craft’s work on the cover of the novel Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier. I absolutely love the elegance, detail and over all magic of her pieces. One of the things I was most impressed with was that if you look closely at her cover illustrations you can see the entire story being told in the details of the painting. She works in an interesting combanation of watercolor and oil. Read about her working process here.

69 Geist:

This artist is actually a good friend of mine and maybe I am a liiiiiittle biased but I think his work is pretty awesome. He has a wonderful eye for composition and draws expertly from some of the most mind boggling angles.

Jason Chan:

I first saw Jason Chan’s work on the cover of a book called Eyes Like Stars, which I haven’t read (I usually avoid things found in the “Paranormal Romance” section, because that sounds terrifying XD). Anyways, Jason Chan’s way of painting doll-like figures in a highly realistic way is something I really inspire to.

JD Parrish:

Is a painting instructor at Chandler Gilbert Community college and one of the most amazing figure painters I have ever met. He is also the closest thing I have had to mentor (so again, I could be biased, I will let you decide ahah). JD paints very much a traditional artist, painting in the style of the old masters.

Audrey Kawasaki:

I have been watching this artist for a long time, I was first attracted to her work because of how she treated the wood in her paintings. I also love her line work, it is reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha.

Lastly, David Scheirer:

I recently stumbled across David’s work on Etsy (here is his shop) and I loved the perfect line work and charming details of his work. His water color pieces have both and accuracy and simplicity to them that I found gorgeous.


6 thoughts on “Some of My Favorite Modern Artists..

  1. Ooo, these are nice! I particularly like JD Parish’s first piece there and those Kinuko Y. Craft ones.

    XD wow, I have Eyes Like Stars annd Perchance to Dream in my bookshelf, waiting to be read (and there’s a third book out, So Silver Bright, that I didn’t bother buying yet because I hadn’t started the others heh). I have to admit I sometimes buy books based on the pretty covers.

    And a good amount of what I read can be found in the Paranormal Romance section. Don’t wrote them off! lol I should do a post about book series I’ve read recently.

    • You should write a post on what books you are currently reading! I have to admit the section header reading “teen paranormal romance” still scares me, but I also think that the “teen section” should be incorporated into the rest of fiction..
      If you like JD’s work and want to see him in action, he facilitates a life drawing class on Saturdays at cgcc that is 50$ a semester, its a blast and you learn a lot!

      • heh maybe, but I’ve avoided life drawing so faar.
        But yeah, I’m not reading as much these days, because I moved closer to campus and I used to do my reading during my hour-long commute.

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