Punkin Carvin.

Just so you know, there is NO where you can buy pumpkins on Halloween.

And I am a horrible procrastinator…I actually did not decorate til this morning. I used random things I found in my house/attic because I hadn’t time to go to the store but, I think it turned out pretty good!


How’d I do? 😀

I also procrastinating on buying my carving pumpkin so by the time I got to the stores this evening all of the pumpkin bins were very, very empty. But, no matter, I just bought a squash instead! (I was detirmined to carve a Jack-o-Lantern this year D<)

and I carved it into a Jack-o-Lantern Kitty! (Which is pretty silly, really XD)



Now, with the addition of my squash-kitty-lantern my house is super spooky~! (little kids are afraid to come up the walk, no joke ahah. )


I hope everyone has a safe and happy All Hallows Eve!! (and eats lots of caaaaandy)


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