Gatherings of Creative People

Who doesn’t love faires and conventions? I’ve been to a few fabulous ones myself. A few years ago I had the pleasure of working in a face painting booth at the Phoenix Fairy Festival, which is a small intimate. but wonderfully magical little faire and I really enjoyed working it!

I’ve also had the opportunity to model for a few fashion shows in comic-related conventions around the Phoenix valley, as well as attend the BIG comic convention in L.A. this last summer (it was very very big O_O).

And of course I love the Renaissance Festival and attend it every year! But the convention I REAAAAALLLLY want to attend is the Faerie Con.

It looks like so much fun! It takes place every November (next week, in fact.) in beautiful Maryland. And get this, one of the artist guests is Kinuko Y. Craft *squee* (if I you have not yet had to listen to me rave about her check out my Favorite Modern Artists post ;D )

In the program this year they are offering everything from live bands to panels about fairy tales in the media to lectures on mythical characters like Morgana Le Fey.

Now that I know about this, perhaps I will be able to make plans to attend it in 2013 *3*

Do any of those conventions/faires catch your eye? Have you attended any of them, are there any other related events you would like to attend? I am curious to know! 😀


2 thoughts on “Gatherings of Creative People

  1. heh, modeling at comic conventions – interesting. lol I think doing any modeling is pretty cool.
    I SAW Faerie Con in my search for conventions, and thinking about it, I’d actually probably want to go there more than Dragon*Con that I mentioned. I really don’t know what it would be like though. I haven’t really been to any fairs or conventions like that. One cool thing though, if you didn’t know, that art on the Faerie Con poster is Annie Stegg’s work! Part of my reasoning for wanting to go to Dragon*Con is her being there, so Faerie Con so has to be on my list if she does that too.

    • Modeling at those conventions was really fun and I got to wear GIGANTIC bows in every show. The Dragon*Con looks interesting too, I’d love to attend either of those! I was always kinda bored at the anime conventions after the fashion show was over because I didn’t have much interest in any of the panels they held…but panels by fairy artists and panels about Irish mythology and folk tales sound SO EXCITING

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