Christmas Cards~

I absolutely love getting mail, greeting cards, letters, postcards..especially packages!

I also love writing letters and making cards, unfortunately I am horrible at getting it sent out. Right now I am actually staring at a sealed, addressed letter to my friend who is on exchange in Romania right now. I wrote the letter weeks ago, I am so bad!

I did get a chance to make and send out a few Christmas cards this year!

Christmas CardChristmas CardChristmas Card

I really like to make my own cards when, at all, possible. These are a lot simpler than the ones I usually make, but they get the job done :3 (the oddball one with the cat and airplane is for my uncle, who is a orange cat loving pilot!)

Usually my cards look more like this: Corrin's Birthday Michelle's Birthday

They are a lot of fun to make, I try to craft the card into the likeness of the person it is for and I use any paper I can find! Kids construction paper, shiny candy wrappers, magazines, origami paper even bits of my homework >_> ~ (I do sell them and take commissions here, if you are interested! :D)

Do any of you make your own greeting cards? What sort of materials do you use? Is anyone else as bad at mailing them as I am? haha!


Parrots in Arizona?

I keep a bird feeder on my porch (as well as a few pine cones rolled in peanut butter and seeds that my little cousin and I made) and when I looked outside this morning there was a plump little peach-faced lovebird chowing down at the feeder!

I wasn’t able to capture a picture but this is what they look like:

Peach faced love bird!

It was funny seeing a colorful tropic bird alighting on the feeder along with all my typical customers-  mottled brown and grey desert birds.

I had also remembered seeing a small flock of these beauties at Arizona State Uni a few times. So, I did a little bit of research and I found out that in the late 1990’s the owners of an aviary decided to free the birds. This is not the first time this has happened either, flocks of cockatiels and parakeets have been mistakenly released in the past but the birds were never able to adapt and died out. The peach-faced lovebirds, however, have gone mad in our dry dessert heat and there are now hundreds of them in the greater Phoenix metro area. (and luckily they don’t seem to be hurting the native bird populations either)

Read more about the birds here

Those of you residing in AZ have you seen any of these little guys? report seeing one here and aid the Arizona Game and Fish department in tracking the location and numbers of the peach faced lovebirds!

I googled a bunch of photos people have taken of the birds here in the valley… Seeing parrots in Saguaro cacti is so cool!