This website is part library, part reading log, part social networking site!

Kids can log on and create a virtual bookshelf that will keep track of what books they have read. They can also search books and add one they want to read to their bookshelf. Students can also interact with classmates and share book recommendations with each other. The interface is really bright, colorful and easy to use.

Parents can search for books at their child’s reading level as well as for ones on subjects their child is interested in. Parents can also set goals and challenges for their young reader and even assign a small prize for them to receive upon completion of those goals.

Teacher can tailor book lists for individual students and create programs by group, class or grade for students. BilioNasuim also makes reading logs obsolete, parents and teachers no longer need to keep up with log sheets because they can access them at any time on this site. The site makes it easy for parents and teachers to track of each individual child’s reading progress.

I think this site makes keeping track of reading logs and communicating with parents on reading progress really simple- it also gives parents a greater opportunity to be included and aware of their child’s reading level and how to pick appropriate books.

Children will be excited by the social nature of the site as well as being able to search and store books they are interested in, I think this site could be great for getting kids fired up to read!





Christmas Cards~

I absolutely love getting mail, greeting cards, letters, postcards..especially packages!

I also love writing letters and making cards, unfortunately I am horrible at getting it sent out. Right now I am actually staring at a sealed, addressed letter to my friend who is on exchange in Romania right now. I wrote the letter weeks ago, I am so bad!

I did get a chance to make and send out a few Christmas cards this year!

Christmas CardChristmas CardChristmas Card

I really like to make my own cards when, at all, possible. These are a lot simpler than the ones I usually make, but they get the job done :3 (the oddball one with the cat and airplane is for my uncle, who is a orange cat loving pilot!)

Usually my cards look more like this: Corrin's Birthday Michelle's Birthday

They are a lot of fun to make, I try to craft the card into the likeness of the person it is for and I use any paper I can find! Kids construction paper, shiny candy wrappers, magazines, origami paper even bits of my homework >_> ~ (I do sell them and take commissions here, if you are interested! :D)

Do any of you make your own greeting cards? What sort of materials do you use? Is anyone else as bad at mailing them as I am? haha!

Voting Day!

It is November sixth, time to hit the polls, folks! I just got back from there me-self!

I won’t bore with the details, but I think I was able to make some well informed decisions! I always feel good after voting 😀

On the subject of the presidential election…check this out:

Isn’t this adorable? (friendship party  bwaaaa) I was irrationally excited when I saw the Hello Kitty Prez campaign.

I was even more excited when I saw all of this stuff:

Adorable right? But seriously (actually not at all seriously XD) Hello Kitty, makes about 5 billion dollars a year in merchandise sales, runs a successful international company, rules Asia and due to the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a mouth, the debates would have been much more pleasant. She’d make a bad ass president if you ask me.

Aaaaaannnnnd this is her chillin in the Buddha’s lap XD (I really wish I had purchased one when I had the chance…so hilarious!)

Anywaysh, the polls close at seven, so I hope all of you Americans run out and put your two cents in! ❤