Ah, Hello 2013: Ribbons and Wrappings

Year changes always throw me off, but luckily I’ve been trying to write 2013 on everything for the last couple years, so this new year shouldn’t be as difficult to adapt to.

Hopefully you all had an excellent Christmas and New Years (have all of you given up on your resolutions already (like me, whoops) or are you still truckin?)

My resolution was to stop eating things I was allergic to (hi, all you delicious dairy products) and try have healthier food habits in general. Also, I just ate ice cream for dinner.

Failed resolution aside I am REALLY excited for this year, lots of fun new things are on the way!

One thing I always do to herald in the new year is……buy a bunch or ribbon.


All of that lovely Holiday ribbon that cost an arm and a leg is now probably under a dollar a roll, so I always stock up!

There is nothing better than wrapping gifts and tying it up with a big sparkly ribbon! Beautiful wrappings by my partner's mom

I like to match my wrappings to the person I’m giving the gift to. Like stamping little vampires on plain paper and wrapping with a black bow for a friend who loves Gothic  things, Dracula especially, but also admires simplicity!


Do any of you have any wrapping tips or tales? Post them here! I’d love to hear from you ❤